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When my fiancé and I were engaged on Christmas day 2007, it was one of the most special times of both of our lives. We got enjoy the Christmas season with our families and celebrate our engagement as well. Once the festivities were over… panic started to kick in. I had NO idea how to plan a wedding. This wedding was a first for both of our families since neither of us have older siblings. Being the bride, I knew the details and preparation would likely fall on my shoulders despite everyone’s good intentions. I wanted to be able to enjoy the process and our wedding day – not be a ball of stress! I remembered back to a wedding show I had attended with another engaged friend of mine where we had met a wedding planner. I talked it over with my future husband and we decided to give her a call.

Right from the beginning, I knew Charlotte would be a good match for us. She was professional, calm, detailed oriented, and realistic. She made it clear what our budget would be able to accommodate but always made us feel like we could still have everything we wanted. “We’ll make it work”, she’d say. Throughout the whole planning process she kept in touch with us by phone and email, and took trips across the province to our town to accommodate us. Charlotte offered a neutral point of view when a decision needed to be made, and would intervene to relieve some of the pressure of ‘trying to please everyone’.

Charlotte never ceased to amaze me with her creative ideas for every aspect of the wedding. She personalized every detail and made it a point to incorporate any special request we had. She made a binder specifically for our wedding and kept information in there about us, the bridal party, our families, our favourite colours or flowers, and anything we mentioned we liked. She brought along our binder and accompanied us to most of the appointments we had with vendors (flowers, decorations, cake…). This was great because she’d also have a list of all the questions I forgot I wanted to ask! I didn’t realize there were SO many choices for every little detail. Because Charlotte took the time to get to know us so well, she was able to facilitate all the decisions that had to be made.

My husband and I both agree – the thing that we’ll remember the most about our experience is how much we enjoyed our wedding day. We both got to spend valuable time with our bridal party, family, and friends instead of planning last minute details. We were confident in Charlotte and knew she was taking care of everything. The whole day went smoothly and it was so much fun! It was wonderful to just be in the moment and not worry about programs, cake, flowers, scheduling, food, paying vendors… need I say more? The only thing she couldn’t promise is that we’d have a sunny day – but somehow managed to get us one anyway! This lady has connections!

I really can’t say enough about how pleased we are that we made the decision to have Charlotte plan our wedding. It was a great experience with a beautiful finish.

Sincerely, Erin Hope

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